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Magic Full Lash Sets + Master Lash Artist, Lash design, Deep cleaning, Collagen eyepatch, Aftercare kit


Classic Full Set

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$220

Light Volume Set

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$280

Full Volume Set

. Duration:2 hrs 30 mins··. Price:$300

Mega Volume Set

. Duration:3 hrs··. Price:$340

Lash Consultation

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:Free

Magic Lash Refills + Deep cleaning, Collagen Eyepatch, No foreign fills


Classic Full Refill

. Duration:1 hr 15 mins··. Price:$120

Light Volume Refill

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:$135

Full Volume Refill

. Duration:1 hr 40 mins··. Price:$150

Mega Volume Refill

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$170

Bottom Lashes


Bottom Lashes

. Duration:40 mins·. Price:$50

Lash Removal


$40 Lash Removal

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$40

Continue a new full set

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:Free

About us

Higher Standards & Refined Elegance in Eyelash Extension. By Appt Only.

IMagic Service Policies:
Come with no makeup on or none around the eye. This will ensure there will be no residue from makeup product/makeup remover, and the bond of the glue will make your lashes last longer, or $25 makeup removal.

We understand it may be hard to have no makeup on during the day, so please bring your makeup remover/facial cleanser if needed and allow yourself to come early to take it off in our restrooms.

Late Arrivals:
While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.

Cancellation Policies:
Notify us 2 days (48 hours) prior before your appt. or $60 fee if slot cannot be filled.
No shows will be billed 100% amount of appt.

We offer no refunds for services. If you are not satisfied we offer free removal.

As best practice and to ensure best results, no refills allowed from other places.
Must have over 30% left for a refill, or new set.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

IMagic Consent and Waiver Policy:
Just a few more things! This is to insure a great service and outcome for you.

I understand that eyelash extensions require ongoing maintenance. Refills are recommended approx. every 2 /12 to 5 weeks. I understand if I go beyond this recommended time it may need a full set or incure a higher 'relash' price.

I will seek medical care (at my own expense) and contact my technician immediately if any allergic or adverse reaction occurs. All of my questions were answered and I understand the procedure and risks.

I grant permission to use my before and after photos for marketing or examples of my technicians work.

I release my certified lash technician and Imagic Lashes LLC from any and all liability associated with this procedure and inherent risk. This service will be performed with the utmost attention to safety, sanitation and proper application using tools and products that the technician has been trained and certified to use. This service has many variables due to lifestyle, moisture, weather, extreme temperatures, natural eyelash shedding and other factors.

By scheduling your appointment with Imagic Lashes, I verify that I have read and understand the above statements and agree to them. Thank you for the time you took to read, understand and agree to our consent form.

Now let's get some lashes!!

Opening hours

Cancellation policy
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3 reviews
  • Jen C.·

    Jasmine is not only an expert at eyelashes she is a superb and friendly person as well. Extensively trained and knowledgable in eyelash technology and updates, I enjoy being around her and having her work her magic on my lashes. She understands the growth patterns, asks me about upcoming events - all to keep my lashes looking great and in perfect condition for whatever I'm up to! So happy I found her! Best lash stylist ever!!

  • Monster’s Ann·

    The QUEEN of quality and precision. Blending art and technology to the lash industry 💝

  • Joie Y.·

    Jasmine is like the Chanel of Eyelash Extensions. Her work is definitely top notch and high end like luxury items. If you enjoy the finer things in life, then you are at the right place.

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